Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Press Start

After years and years of talking about it (mainly to myself) I've decided to start taking my writing seriously and attempt to get my work out there. So many pieces in progress, fragmented foundations of possibly wonderful stories, laying around getting dusty - no more. Plus, I am brimming over with ideas at the moment and need to start making these imagined people and places breathe and grow. Sometimes die and fall, too. This is a statement of intent to myself, mainly.

Most of the things I love writing down seem to crawl from the dark side of my imagination, so I'm going to look around and try to find smaller, less well known publishing companies with similar mindsets to share with you. Hopefully point you in the way of some damn good storytelling.

Today I actually crossed the line of (hopefully) no return and submitted 2 pieces I have been working on and finally finished.

Serenadin - an Appalachian ghost story set at Christmas time. Subbed to Woodland Press who are working on an anthology called Appalachian Holiday Hauntings. I'm really happy with this, it's intended for a PG book aimed at public school systems and I tried to keep it as classic and timeless as possible. Even to the point where, during editing, I removed a character's GPS system and gave him a raggedy map instead. My only doffed cap to modern marvels is a stainless steel coffee maker.

Sign Language - this is a rush of adrenaline one-shot one-kill piece of flash fiction, subbed to a Zombie ff anthology named The Quick And The Undead published by Library Of The Living Dead Press. Fun, and hopefully different enough to make the grade in a genre that has been beaten to within an inch of it's life, again.

I'm also in progress on a longer zombie story called The Undead Preservation Society and a short tale from the Hanging Rock canon (more on that later) called, for now, Trinkets And Charms

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