Friday, May 1, 2009

Worst Month Ever

Long time, I know.

I finally went ahead and seriously tried to quit smoking, 3 years later than I intended but a year sooner than I expected :)
It has been (and still is) awful. I'm on day 22 without a smoke, symptoms du jour included throwing up, migraines and possibly blacking out for 2 hours. Still not sure about that one.

I felt a hundred times better when I was lighting up. I know it will be worth it, but the journey to get there is horrible.

Anyway, writing stuff. I can barely read a book right now, let alone write anything. I have been keeping up with the little 1000 worder contests that a writers forum I frequent run every week. I've come up with little pieces including one about a psychic on the Titanic, (A Great & Terrible Gesture) one about a loving couple's last morning on Earth (Terminal Sunday) and my favourite, God's Librarian, a tale of how higher powers look after the world's great and classic authors until they can write their master work.

Summary: Yes, I am alive and hope to be back up to speed really soon.

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