Thursday, January 21, 2010

Penny Dreadfuls, Then and Now

Great term huh? Penny Dreadfuls were pulpy, outlandishly-covered mass-market publications in Britain in the 19th century, often serialized stories, sometimes rewrites of famous novels. Some famous characters emerged from these publications on their own terms, including Sweeney Todd and Varney the Vampire. They cost a penny and contained often horrific and outrageous stories, hence the name.

There is a press based in England called The Penny Dreadful Company, founded and run by Neil Jackson, that releases 21st century chapbook versions of these publications. Some fantastic writers have put out stories with them, including David Niall Wilson and Willie Meikle, take a look at their catalogue here - Penny Dreadful Company

Neil does wonderful work and I am delighted that a story of mine will be appearing under the Penny Dreadul Co. umbrella later this year. More news closer to the time!

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  1. He does do wonderful work...doesn't he? I'm anxious to see the first lot of my chapbooks arrive...should be any day. It's a fun project.