Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bovine Intervention and Available Terrors

Great news this morning! My story An Unfortunate Incident at the Slaughterhouse has been picked up by the wonderful Comet Press for their summer-release Sick Things anthology. The theme of the book is 'extreme creatures' and mine, as the title kinda sorta gives away, is about cows in England turning the tables on their human slayers. Bad Beef, Brazen Brisket, Sick Steak, all could have been working names for this one but it was actually written under the awful title of Bovine Intervention.
A June release looks likely, and I'm extra-excited about this one as the previous collection from Comet, Vile Things, included big-hitters Ramsey Campbell and Graham Masterton so I can't wait to see the line-up for Sick Things!

In other news, the Night Terrors collection from Blood Bound Books is now live on Amazon

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