Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I almost swerved off my chair...

Don't know how this hasn't come to my attention before now, but stumbled upon this review of the Night Terrors collection at the mighty Fangoria Magazine earlier today and it's a cracker! They may not have enjoyed the whole book but my contribution was singled out, in a good way.

But what fresh nightmare is this? Not all is lost for NIGHT TERRORS. Harper Hull’s shocker “Amy Lou’s Ice Cream Parlor” is an absolute sucker punch to the gut. The tenderness of Hull’s text is a trap that catches the reader in a swift six pages. By beginning with the all-too-familiar, painting a portrait of a pleasant ice-cream shop, Hull drags us down into the spectral depths of his protagonist’s heartbreaking depravity—and never brings us back. Discovering this story at the tail end of the collection is just about enough to justify the entire purchase price.

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