Monday, December 13, 2010

December is for Lovers

Hey all - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever you do and wherever you are I hope you are with loved ones this festive season
Been a while but a few updates to post!
First - check out this new literary blog, follow it and enjoy the daily updates from creator Abe -


He was kind enough to review my very short story Terminal Sunday and followed this up with a very fun interview last week - thanks Abe!

Next up - another new site you should bookmark and pay attention to - an online literary magazine named Fix It Broken
Issue 1 just went up yesterday and showcases 10 diverse and wonderful pieces of fiction. Every issue FIB is doing something very cool and different - picking one story to be turned into a t-shirt which is then sold in a limited quantity from the site. I was delighted to find out my story 'The Comfort of Dead Whales' was the winner for issue 1 and is now a wearable piece of fashionable fiction !
Thanks to all the cool cats at FIB for making me extremely giddy with that, and such a sweet idea, I look forward to future issues!

The newest edition of 52 Stitches has been released - flash horror stories, originally published online at a weekly rate throughout 2010 - and I have one in there. All proceeds go to the Jamie Eyberg fund - you may remember, writer Jamie and his wife were killed in a horrible freak accident earlier this year leaving behind 2 young children. Jamie actually has a piece in this book, one of the last things he wrote.

Finally, a link to one of the best collections I've read in a while - Terminal Earth! - stories from the end of the world. A lot of my favourite new writers are present in this one and it really is a great read from start to finish - recommended very highly!

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