Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twenty-Eleven and all that

Happy New Year!

As with every January 1st I spent tonight a little drunk and thinking I was on the verge of some great realization that would change my life forever. As with every January 1st it didn't happen and I'm left with a short list of resolutions that will do well to make it to Valentines Day and all of the bad habits I had 24 hours ago. At least they are lesser in number than they were 365 days ago.

2010 did have some powerful personal moments - both myself and Mrs-me kicked the cigarettes and exist purely on robotic vaping sticks. On top of turning away from the evil vices Traci also got to grips with her newly-discovered gluten allergy and reinvented her diet, which is huge. Having tasted the gluten-free versions of pizza crust, pancakes and chocolate chip cookies I can honestly say I wouldn't have known the difference if someone hadn't told me - I'm happy to get on board and eat the same brands she has to. Thank God coffee is immune from the gluten thing. That might be pushing it.

Traci is probably my person of 2010. There's a few others up on the pedestal with her, though. My mum - the happiest person I know, whatever occurs, and finally finding some clear blue skies after years of turbulence. My sister - coming out of something horrible into something we all hope is very, very good. My brother - extending the family name for at least one more generation and shooting above his designated target! :) I have yet to meet my first ever (EVER!) niece (or nephew) and I cannot, cannot wait to look into the eyes of Zara Lily and be an uncle. My three uncles were/are all very important people in my life and I hope I can live up to that, even from a distance. I can list times where they all did something huge for me - first ever football match, help with an enormous school project, numerous pints in North Wales pubs - and I want to be on Zara's list when she looks back.

So here's to you all - may this year exceed your last year - whether you want to move, stay, rise or step to the side - and if I can help in any way, just ask.

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  1. just finally catching up on all my blog-reading and had to say, this made me smile.
    thanks for that. xxo.